What exactly is the Molle system? What is the relationship with PALS?

When buying military bags on foreign websites, I often see this passage MOLLE/PALS compatible So what is PALS? Are they two names for the same thing, or are they different things?

Let us help you sort it out.

MOLLE ( Modular Lightweight Carrier Equipment) It is used to define the current generation of load bearing equipment and backpacks used by many NATO armed forces, notably the British Army and the US Army.

The system's modularity stems from the use of a Pouch Attachment Ladder System webbing-like system, and rows of heavy-duty industrial-grade nylon are stitched to the vest to allow for more pockets and accessory compatibility. In fact, this system has become the standard for modular tactical gear, replacing the Universal Lightweight Personal Carrier Equipment (ALICE) system used in the earliest modular vest systems. (still many police departments still use the ALICE system)

PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) is used for the continuous sewing of horizontal webbing on backpacks and modular bags. It has certain specifications: on a one-inch webbing, every 1.5” horizontal distance is sewn, and every 1” vertical distance increases the above-mentioned webbing .

To sum up: PALS is a standard for sewing, and MOLLE is a system with this standard and modular equipment. However, because MOLLE is mostly regarded as the title of publicity by merchants, most people don’t know much about PALS. The presence.

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